Latitude Yachts


After a several years sailing in the Caribbean, Phillip and Calou Joubert returned to their summer home on Ile de Re, an island  on the French Atlantic coast.  Looking for something to do, they saw a beautiful, classic day-sailer, built in the 1930’s, and negotiated with the owners to take its lines and build molds for a fiberglass version.

As Ile de Ré is located on the 46th parallel , they named their fledgling boat yard:  Latitude 46.  The wooden boat was locally designed and built and named TOFINOU, which translates from the Benin as “Water People”.    TOFINOU became the model name and inspired a range that includes seven gorgeous yachts from 23 to 53 feet.  

With the success of the modern classic established in the sailing world, Phillp and his brother Michel Joubert and design partner Bernard Nivelt set about conceiving a line of motor yachts.  As the first discussion was held at the André restaurant on ile de Ré, the expanded that name to Andreyale and have since produced a range from 26 to 65 feet.

Both power and sailing yachts from Latitude 46 share classic lines, exquisite materials, masterful craftsmanship and a distinct flare that pays tribute to the wonderful vessels of the early 20th century.