Boat International tested the X65 No 1 in the UK

Boat International, August 2017

Boat International X65
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European Yacht of the Year

European Yacht of the Year NEEL 51 was Nominated European Yacht of the Year for 2018

2017 Boat of the Year - X-Yachts X4, Posted: January/February 2017

X4Many sailors believe that sizewise, the sweet spot for cruising boats lies somewhere between 40 and 50 feet. That was certainly the case in the 2017 Boat of the Year contest, where five strong competitors — the Catalina 425, Dufour 460 Grand Large, Elan Impression 45, Hallberg-Rassy 40 MK II and X-Yachts X4 — constituted the fleet’s single biggest class. When it came to deciding which was the best, the judges certainly had their work cut out for them.

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Xp44’s are dominating in races around the world

X-Yachts, Posted: August 2, 2016

X6There’s quite simply no stopping the Xp44’s at the moment with victory’s in some of the most prestigious yacht races in the world both state side and in the Med. X-Yachts would like to say a huge congratulations to the following crews.

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Race Results

  • Rolex Middle Sea Race 2012. 1st in class in both IRC and ORC and 3rd Overall. In 2013 we were 3rd in Class – Xp44 "ACT!"
  • Down the Bay Race for the Virginia Cruising Cup – May 2016 – Xp 44 "Sitella" – 1st Overall
  • Giraglia Rolex Cup – June 2016 – Xp 44 "Amber Mills" – 1st IRC-A
  • Annapolis – Bermuda Ocean Race - June 2016 – Xp 44 "Rival" – 1st
  • Newport – Bermuda Race – June 2016 - Xp 44 "Warrior Won" – 1st Overall
  • Jack Tar Auckland Cup – May 2015 – Xp44 “Lawless” – 1st
  • 2013 ORC Europeans – “ enia” – 3rd Overall Class B

X4 & X6 Test Sails

X4 & X6 get put through their paces by the worlds press

Xp44Last week X-Yachts opened its doors to some of the journalists from the biggest sailing magazine from around Europe as we invited them to test sail the new X4 & X6.

Over the course of the week each of the journalist got to sail on board each of the boats in a huge variety of conditions and thoroughly put them through their paces. The feedback from all the press was overwhelming enthusiasm for the sailing performance displayed by both. Even in light winds both the X4 & X6 sailed exceptionally well, and as the wind increased the X-Yachts performance heritage became apparent as both boats picked up speed and effortlessly powered along at exciting speeds while remaining stiff and easy to handle. Everyone was also very impressed with the size and style of the interiors, commenting that they are much more in style with the modern yachting interiors that are designed to give a much more luxurious spacious living accommodation.

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The X Factor: Fast, Fun Cruising

Cruising World, Posted: January, 2016

A Fresh Look From X-YachtsPerhaps no category in the 20 was as beguiling as this four-boat class of yachts ranging in size from 45 to 49 feet, and in price from $525,000 to over a mil-lion dollars . . .

The fourth (Xc 45) came from a company long revered for its racing boats, now establishing an impressive presence among cruising sailors.

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The NEEL 45 Winner of the ARC 2015!

Cruising World, Posted: December 9, 2015

ARCAtlantic Rally crossing from Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia The NEEL 45 “La Caravelle” arrived first of the Multihull division Saturday December 5th in Saint Lucia. Second place Outremer 51 (+6h30) and third place Salina 48 (+33h). It’s the first entry for the NEEL 45 in this race and first Victory! NEEL Trimarans here-by confirms his leadership in Fast Cruising Multihull building.

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A Fresh Look From X-Yachts

Cruising World, Posted: May 7, 2015

A Fresh Look From X-YachtsX-Yachts is a company that listens to its customers. For it's racing owners, it builds the Xp line of performance-oriented racer-cruisers. But the company also has clients who want a boat that sails well, but with a few more comforts for longer voyages, and so it introduced the Xc range that includes models from 35 to 50 feet.

Since launching its Xc series, the Danish builder has sold more than 250 boats in its cruiser-racer line. Based on the feedback from owners, the company is now revamping the designs a bit and just announced the introduction of is newest update, the Xc 38 Next Generation.

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Boat Review: Xc 35

Sail Magazine, Posted: March 16, 2015

SAIL's Boat Review: Xc 35Since the company's founding in 1979 the Danish builder X-Yachts has established a strong reputation for creating exciting, well-conceived racer-cruisers. In 2008 it expanded its palette and introduced its Xc line of dedicated cruising boats, which have been equally successful. These are not just repurposed race boats, but are designed as cruisers from the keel up, with simpler, less demanding rigs and fuller, deeper hull forms to increase comfort and carrying capacity. Still, they are X-Yachts through and through, which means sailing performance remains a top priority.

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SAIL's 2015 Best Boats Award: Xc 35

Sail Magazine, Posted: November 17, 2014

SAIL's Best Boats 2015: Xc 35Danish builder X-Yachts has long been renowned for its elegant, sweet-sailing racer-cruisers. Some builders of such yachts try to tweak them more toward the cruising side of the equation by simply adding weight and wood trim in the accommodation spaces. But X-Yachts started with a fresh sheet of paper when designing its new 35-footer, smallest in its range of Xc ("c" for "cruising") vessels. Compared to its racing brethren, the Xc 35's hull is fuller, with more interior volume and an easier motion. The rig is simpler and easier to handle. The traditional interior, with its increased tank volume and superior finish, is comfortable and spacious.

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2014 Boat of the Year: Xp 44

Sailing World, Posted: 2014

Ditch the dodger, bend on the race sails, and shock the competition with the stunning and speedy high-end crossover from X-Yachts, the epitome of a racing yacht.

Tested: Tofinou 8

Sail Magazine, Posted: May 15, 2014

Tested: Tofinou 8One of the new generation of small boats coming out of Europe, aboard which aesthetics are as important as performance, the Tofinou 8 is also packed with interesting features that allow you to do a lot more than just go for a spin around the harbor. Like it's big brother, the Tofinou 9.5, the Joubert and Nivelt-designed also features a look that is modern, without being overly edgy: think a pocket Wally design, with a little bit of old-fashioned New England-style elegance.

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Eagle 54 Cruiser

Sailing Magazine, Posted: May, 2014

Tested: Tofinou 8I've been looking at this design from the Hoek design office in Holland for about two weeks trying to find something I don't like. I need more time. This is a boat for dreams. It's big and beautiful and will attract attention wherever it goes.

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SAIL's Best Boats 2014: Xp 44

Sail Magazine, Posted: Jan 21, 2014

2014 Sail Best Boats Winner Step aboard the Xp 44 and the first thing you might find yourself wondering is: what's not to love? This mid-40-foot racer-cruiser is designed to deliver decades of racing and cruising pleasure while offering a wealth of the kind of design features sailors have long since come to expect from this high-end Danish builder.

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